About Us

Re-usable is a charitable online store starting in Lagos Nigeria that focuses exclusively on helping the poor get the best at a minimum or no cost at all from our very own closet.

Our platform is a marketplace that allows individuals and entities to sell items that they no longer use to the needy for a small fee.

Industry research has found that a whole lot of people (about 90%) have things in their homes that are of great value but are not being used. We have therefore decided to explore these avenues to help the people who are in need but don’t have enough money to purchase new ones.


She is a wonderful wife and a great mother and a lover of God.

Her passion grew out of the need that God laid in her heart to help the poor and less privileged in the society. She believes that ” …if little dogs could eat the crumbs that fall off the masters’ table…” then it is possible for the less privileged to get the best from those that are opportune in life even without money.

She extends this passion for the less privileged by having an online charity store that sells items on discount to raise cash to support children in orphanages and juveniles at correctional centers.

She has vast experience in event planning and management from her previous career path which has formed part of her preparedness to serve humanity. In her words “we stop existing when we are not making a positive impact to better someone’s life”

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